QuickTime FLAC Plugin


This is a FLAC plugin for QuickTime based on the OggVorbis plugin by Steve Nicolai from the qtcomponent project.

Note that this is a beta version. Use it at your own risk.

Current Version : 0.5 beta 1 (18th sept. 2004)

MacOSX Component : download here

Source Code : download here

Changelog since version 0.1 alpha 1:

Importer : Corrected a bug with metadata (string was not terminated)

Decoder : Removed all dependency on sampleCount, using buffer size instead. Fixes a bug with Toast and potential bugs when exporting using QuickTime Player.

Decoder : Extensive code cleanup

To Do :

Importer : Progressive importing on a separate thread (in progress)

Importer : code cleanup

Decoder : test behaviour when playing streams, variable blocksize files or non-16bit audio. Test error resilience.

Encoder component

Windows and MacOS 9 versions

Update project name

Wait for iTunes support